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Promoting Downtown Gilroy

This page is created especially for the owners and operators of businesses in the Downtown Gilroy district to provide input and suggestions.

Use this page to:

  • Tell us about your business, so we can pass the word on to our readers
  • Let us know what is important to you
  • Suggest an event for Downtown Gilroy
  • Volunteer to host an event

Rally Round Downtown Gilroy plans to list almost every downtown business along with photographs of the location, interior (where that makes sense), and the people who serve the clients. If you have your own description of your business, you can submit it here. If you have photographs that you would like us to use, let us know, and we will make arrangements to use them.

Meanwhile, here are some pages that may be helpful as you promote your business or events:

Promotion Basics – 5 W’s (and an ‘H’)

If you make a comment, please provide your name and the name of your business so that we may respond. No email addresses will be posted on the web site without permission.

3 thoughts on “Business / Negocios

    • Hello, Kevin:

      I’m John Russell, one of the three founders. I happened to be working on the blog and noticed your comment had come in, so I wanted to let you know that you have been heard and we would love to have more people working in the movement. We consider the Community Arts Center and the Limelight Actors Theater to be key entertainment attractions in downtown Gilroy, and both are on our list of “Promote them, support them, make them popular” features in downtown Gilroy. (I have two of your publicity cards on my desk as I write this.)

      Ann Palmer has been in contact with the Limelight Actors Theater, I’m not sure who, and we are working to set up the May 19 performance as one of our sponsored activities. We will be getting an announcement out in the near future (this week, we hope) so that people can plan on it and sign up. Let’s fill the theater!

      How active would the Limelight gang like to be? More accurately, how much time do you have? Would you prefer to focus on the acting/entertainment side as a group? Would some of the people like to volunteer independently? We are at the phase where we coordinate, but in any given effort, one person may spearhead the effort. We are open to all ideas, and welcome anyone interested in promoting Downtown Gilroy.

      Let us know how deeply the group would like to be involved, and let’s get to work!

      Best regards,

      John Russell

  1. 1 Stop Moving & Janitorial Supplies has moved into Gilroy. Come visit us in Historical Down Town. 7377 Monterey Rd, Gilroy, CA 95020

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