September 22, 2012 – Steel Magnolias

Limelight Actors Theater Presents "Steel Magnolias"

Limelight Actors Theater Presents “Steel Magnolias”

The September rally supported the Limelight Actors Theater’s production of “Steel Magnolias”, playing September 14, through October 12 at the Gilroy Center for the Arts. This is an adaptation of the movie, with all of the action taking place in a beauty salon. The all-woman cast tells the story of small town Southern life, the sharing of joys and tragedies, and friends supporting friends. The men in the story exist only outside of the realm of the beauty parlor. However, they are very much present in the story as they are discussed, disected, exalted and dismissed in the wide-ranging discussions that take place between old friends.

Warning: You will need tissues during this performance!

The story is told with humor and compassion – there are many laugh-out-loud moments and memorable one-liners scattered throughout the play.

The Limelight Actors Theater has assembled two casts to present this story. The first cast, affectionately known as “the beehive cast”, consists of:

  • Denee Lewis Bohnsack
  • JoAnna Evans
  • Joanne Englehardt
  • Robin Harris
  • Deanna McGill
  • Roberta Vinkhuyzen Rasmussen

The behive cast performs from September 14 through the 28th.

The “boufante cast” takes over from September 29 through October 12.

  • Betsy Andrade
  • Jen Ellington
  • Rosalind Farotte
  • Donna M. Knippen
  • Dana Morgan
  • Rachel Perry

Both casts are ably directed by K. DaVette See.

Do not miss this play.

Click here for more information.

The “Bring Your Own Dinner” concept works well in this setting. Friends form groups and bring simple fare – salads and sandwiches – or multicourse banquets (the birthday party shown in the pictures needed TWO extra tables to lay out the spread). I bought a truly delicious takeout dinner (blackened salmon over a bed of steamed vegetables) from Garlic City Cafe. My companios put together a rustic meal of prosciutto, bread, mushrooms, cheese and other delicacies. Most of the tables brought at least one bottle of wine.

Everyone is in a pretty happy mood during the dinner, and it is a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and bump into old friends. You can always start a conversation talking about the food, then let the subject matter wander wherever you find interesting. I was taking pictures (as you see below), and a camera let me start conversations and take pictures of the other groups.

As you can see, once you get downtown, there are plenty of interesting people to meet and many fun experiences to share.

Click on a picture below to see a larger view or to start a slide show (depending on your browser).

4 thoughts on “September 22, 2012 – Steel Magnolias

    • Kevin and DaVette:

      We truly enjoyed the show (even the sad parts). Anyone who hasn’t yet seen this production should get on the phone and reserve their tickets NOW.

      Thanks to all the cast and crew for a memorable evening.

  1. We are still talking about this experience just last Sunday when we were privileged to see Steel Magnolias. The acting was perfection, the directing superb – the whole experience was memorable. Our friends went home and watched the movie that evening and said it was not the same intimate, laugh one minute cry the next experience that these wonderful people gave us. Kuddos to all involved in the play and in the Theatre Group. We will be back for more !

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