Rosemary Rideout and Friends: Photography Exhibit

The 3 Photographers: Kay, Nan and Rosemary.

Rosemary Rideout and two of her companions in photography, Nan Madruga and Kay Bravo, have put together a beautiful photography exhibit on display at the Gilroy Center for the Arts from Oct 6 through Oct 28, 2012.

The photographs cover a range of subjects. While the collection emphasizes sweeping vistas, there are some wonderful photographs that concentrate on a smaller scale view of the world: children sitting on a porch; a feather caught on a twig; weathered, experienced hands holding a bulb of garlic.

A moment’s contemplation, and you may be pulled into the crystal coolnes of a mountain stream, or feel the pounding of the surf on the California shore. A lone tree on a sunlit hillside, or the black and white of a snowfall bring a sense of solitude. Different pictures evoke different feelings and telling different stories.

“Childhood Calling” is a photo essay on two brothers being typical boys who have been presented with trees, a stream, and time to mess around. Memories of our own childhood resonate with the moments captured on film.

There is a subtle irony in taking pictures of a photography exhibit, especially when the photographer (me) is not particularly talented. The pictures below are mere shadows of the photographs on display in the exhibit. Drop by the Gilroy Center for the Arts at 7341 Monterey St and see the originals.

Click on the pictures below for a larger view or a slide show (depending on the setting in your browser).

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