Wes’ Shoe Repair

Come into Wes' Shoe Repair

Come into Wes’ Shoe Repair

If you wear it on your feet …
If it is made of leather …
If it is made of tough fabric …
If it hasn’t been made, yet, but you want it made of leather …
If you want it repaired or custom made …

Wes’ Shoe Repair is the store for you, and Job (pronounced like the guy in the Bible: Jōb) is the man for the job.

He can make your old leather look new again. He can repair shoes, replace heels, and provide polish, shoe trees, laces, and anything to do with shoes.

You can also find a wide range of leather goods and gifts at Wes’ Shoe Repair. Here is a sampling of the great items (at very good prices) that are available:

Boots & Shoes:

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Clothing and Accessories:

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All leather bags (at bargain prices!):

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(When these pictures were taken, all of the leather bags were priced at under $30!)

Job also does fancy leather work: he provides hand-tailored chaps and outfits for rodeo and parade riders. He does saddle work. He repairs motorcycle leathers so they not only are back in one piece, but they look good, too.

He sews patches on leather jackets, restores and polishes leather clothing, and does custom tooled leather work.

He can dye leather and/or fabric: do you have a dress you love but no shoes to match? Job can help you out.

Job works repair miracles: the day I was taking pictures, he had received a commission to repair a $200 pair of leather sandals that had been severely chewed by a puppy (see a picture of the damage, below). He took the job, one he has done many times over the years. (It takes a few days, but it gets done.)

He also does custom leather work, such as creating a sheath for a hunting knife.

Oh, yeah, he can cut you a new key, too.

Besides the repairs and custom crafting, you can also purchase hats, fanny packs, boots and other quality goods at Wes’ Shoe Repair.

Why is the name of the shop “Wes’ Shoe Repair”? It’s a good story, involving family and friendship. Stop in and ask Job to tell it to you while you get your favorite shoes rejuvenated.

Click on the pictures below to see an enlarged version or a slide show.

One thought on “Wes’ Shoe Repair

  1. That is pretty neat that you guys are able to make custom shoes. There are probably more people than we think out there who don’t fit well into shoes they buy at the store. They would be able to get a shoe that is a perfect fit! Plus, repairs when they need it!

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