Las Americas Bakery

Step into Las Americas Bakery and you enter a wonderland of pastries, cookies, cakes, fresh fruit, and more.

All of the baked products are produced on the premises by Max and Juanita, and they are delicious.

If you are not familiar with traditional Mexican pastries, you will find that they are not as sweet as their American cousins. This makes them all the better when paired with a hot cup of coffee or spiced Mexican hot chocolate. Mmmmm.

When I was in high school, the Spanish club funded most of its activities by selling the ever-popular conches (shells), still warm from the oven. With a little bit of sweet butter, they are fantastic. You can get them here at Las Americas.

At the back of the store is the Fruit and Sandwiches section. You can get fresh fruit and/or vegetable juices, a fruit salad (they slice the fruit while you wait), or a traditional Mexican torta – a sandwich containing meat, fresh vegetables, and (here’s the surprise for the rest of us) beans. Served on fresh bread, baked by Max the same day. If you haven’t tried a torta, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Juanita and Max do not speak a lot of English, but you will feel the warmth of their welcome. And, they have bilingual menus for their fruit, vegetable and sandwich offerings, so everyone knows what to expect.

There is also a mini-market in the store that carries the basics required for the typical Mexican kitchen.

Stop in and try a crispy pastry sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, or a conche, fresh from the oven. Have a torta with fresh fruit juice.

¡Bienvenido a Las Americas!

Las Americas Bakery * 7435 Monterey St * Gilroy, CA 95020 * (408) 848-5152

Click on an image to see the slide show with larger pictures. (Please forgive the quality … amateur at work.)

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