Itty Bitty Beauty Boutique

The Itty Bitty Beauty Boutique

The Itty Bitty Beauty Boutique

Owner Lynne Mosley has opened “The Itty Bitty Beauty Boutique” in downtown Gilroy. Located in the charming white building at the West end of the Paseo, between 5th and 6th Streets, the striped awning, brick doorstep and vintage-looking bicycle planter by the door give a definite European flair to this simple, but elegant, little shop. The front of the boutique is a retail area, while the small private area in the back is reserved for beauty care.

The quality of the beauty care is described in this customer comment:

“I decided to have Lynne wax my eyebrows. Behind the curtain is this
luxurious soft table or bed that you never want to get up from. Lynne was
extremely delicate and professional. She took care and shared her 30 plus
years of experience and her passion for caring for her customers’ skin care

Among the beauty services offered are makeup, lash extensions, facials and skincare.

The front area of the boutique offers a wide range of high quality beauty products, jewelry (some of it made by Lynne, herself), quality clothing, ladies’ shoes and other fashion accessories.

The patio beside the shop is an oasis of peace and tranquility, enhancing the shopping experience. Sit down and rest for a few minutes.

Visit the Itty Bitty Beauty Boutique to find out more about the services offered and browse through the clothing, jewelry and beauty products. Located right beside the parking lot accessed from Eigleberry.

Here is a quick photo tour of the Itty Bitty Beauty Boutique:

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