Collective Past

Collective Past

Collective Past

Collective Past brings together a multitude of antique and vintage collectibles in a single location. Clothing, jewelry, tools, kitchenware, fine art and just about anything else you can think of can be found tucked away in the alcoves that fill the store.

There is always a friendly face at the counter as you walk in, someone who can help you find that special treasure you have been searching for.

The images below are just a sampling of what was found in Collective past on a single day. The collection is always growing and changing, though, so it is a new store each time you visit.

The images are grouped (very roughly) by categories.

Vintage clothing, accessories and jewelry:

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Furniture and household goods:

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Decorations and collectibles:

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Christmas decorations:

Last, but not least, Christmas themed decorations:

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Collective Past
7945 Monterey Street
(408) 842-0180

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