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Our Mission:

Promote awareness of Downtown Gilroy as a place to go.

The downtown area is the Heart of Gilroy. This is our place, the place where we meet old friends and make new friends. Downtown is a cross section of our community, with all of its charms, quirks and, yes, imperfections. Downtown is where a multicultural city blends together to become a community. This is where the traditional agricultural Gilroy gets acquainted with bedroom community Gilroy.

RALLEY ROUND DOWNTOWN GILROY is a grass roots, all volunteer, non-profit organization started by members of our community who are dedicated to the revitalization of Downtown Gilroy through OUR patronage and the promotion of downtown’s independent businesses.  Our shared vision is of a downtown where “Gilroyals” and visitors bring their families to shop, meet friends and neighbors, have fun, and enjoy our city.

Whether you are a local, resident, commuter, visitor or simply work downtown, everyone is welcome. Our goal is to have a diverse group of people from all age brackets, walks of life, social status, and income levels, representing a microcosm of Gilroy’s citizenry. Most of all we look forward to creating a group with a great mix of interesting people who come together to have fun and meet new friends while simultaneously supporting the independent businesses in downtown Gilroy. Sometimes we will frequent upscale establishments. Other times we will visit not so upscale establishments, but most of the time it will be somewhere in between. Please note: This group places a strong emphasis on happy hours; late night adventures; good food; good music and culture. It also greatly appreciates irreverent wit and humor, as well as other engaging character flaws.

We welcome dreamers and doers, but we are looking for people who are a little of both AND interested in seeing downtown Gilroy thrive. Through our collective financial support, energy and ideas we seek to transform downtown Gilroy into what it once was, the center of our community, full of life and vibrancy where both residents and visitors can find a wide range of shopping, restaurants, and artistic and entertainment options.

The purpose of this web site is to share the many good reasons to spend time in downtown Gilroy, keep you up to date with events and issues affecting the downtown area, and occasionally, if all goes well, entertain you.

Rally Round Downtown Gilroy is not affiliated with any other organizations, local or otherwise. Neither is Rally Round Downtown Gilroy in competition with any other ogranization, local or otherwise. We hope to support and enhance the efforts of other organizations that are dedicated to the promotion of Gilroy.

Rally Round Downtown Gilroy started off as discussions with a common theme: downtown Gilroy has a lot of great places, and not everyone knows about them. Ideas about how to get more people downtown were tossed out. Many of these ideas started out with “They could …” and “They should …” Then we realized: “They” means “Us”. As individuals, we can work towards a brighter future for downtown.

We have no funds, and we are strictly volunteer. But, with your help and support, we can make a difference. And we can welcome others to work with us. The more people involved, the more we can accomplish.

At the most basic level, our goal is to get more people walking around downtown Gilroy. We hope to do this by making sure downtown Gilroy is a desirable place to go, and then making sure that as many people as possible are aware of it.

We hope you will support this goal, and this web site provides ways to do that:

  • Go downtown yourself
  • Tell friends about a place downtown where you like to go
  • Submit suggestions for how you think downtown could be made more desirable
  • Volunteer to help out with an event downtown
  • Join the “Rally Round Downtown” group to help make the changes come true

Ann Marie Palmer
Gary Walton
John Russell

4 thoughts on “About

  1. The description and information about The Nimble Thimble, Garlic City Mercantile and Garlic City Shirtworks is completely out of date and incorrect. How do we get it updated? The Nimble Thimble moved and has a new owner, Garlic City Shirtworks has a new owner and has enhanced the name. Garlic City Mercantile has changed their focus and merchandise mix.

    • Dave –

      Yes, we are running behind with our updates. Those pesky daytime jobs just suck up out time.

      We have some new information and photos for the Nimble Thimble, and we need to redo the Garlic City Mercantile page and information to reflect the your changes. You can facilitate this by sending an update to RRDG with a description of what is current, and letting us know what is no longer current – we have no other way to know such things as Garlic City Shirtworks having a new owner. Remember, we set up the initial information by working with each business as we add it to our web site. After that, we rely on the owners to notify us of changes. You can, in fact, request changes at any time by supplying new text and/or photos to be put on your page on the RRDG web site.

      We owe you an update, and we will get to work on it soon.

      Take care,

      John Russell for RRDG

  2. I am planning on starting a business in Downtown Gilroy. I have lived in Gilroy for 11+ years and love it here. We need a beautiful downtown for our citizens. Unfortunately, some buildings need work and there are other issues. I see your organization is great with letting us know about events occurring downtown, but am curious to know if you are involved with other aspects of making downtown Gilroy an updated, safe and desirable place to visit.

    • Diane:

      The RRDG is a purely volunteer group which provides support for any and all efforts to make our downtown a more desirable destination for Gilroy residents and visitors. We approach this in many ways: supporting and publicizing the existing businesses, trying to attract new businesses, supporting the Gilroy Downtown Business Association in their efforts, providing input and recommendations when we become aware of issues, and whatever else we come across.

      The volunteer organization was started when a series of discussions was held about downtown issues, and every discussion included the phrase, “They should …”. We finally caught on to the fact that WE need to be a part of THEY in order to make a difference.

      We are limited to low budget or no budget efforts, because our only funding is out of pocket. However, we also work with the funded organizations, such as the GDBA, to help them with projects.

      So, now it is my turn for curiosity – Are you willing to become involved in the efforts to make downtown Gilroy an updated, safe and desirable place to visit? It can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, so I hope your answer is ‘Yes’.

      I look forward to seeing you downtown. Please keep RRDG informed about your efforts to start a business downtown, and we will be happy to support your efforts and spread the word.

      John Russell for RRDG

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