Restaurant Rally – Nov 13, 2014: Garlic City Cafe serves dinner at the Bella Viva

Garlic City @ Bella Viva

Diners enjoy Garlic City cuisine at the Bella Viva

It wasn’t planned that way, it just sort of happened.

The November Restaurant Rally was planned for the Garlic City Cafe. For some reason, one of the couples thought it was at the Bella Viva Ristorante e Caffe (probably because it has become popular to enjoy Garlic City food along with the BV’s excellent selection of wine and beers). That couple asked another couple to meet them at the Bella Viva. Meanwhile, 4 of us headed for the Garlic City Cafe. When we discovered that the crowd was split, we regrouped at the Bella Viva for a delightful evening of good food, good wine and good company.

Margarita and Diego did us proud with excellent service and top quality food. When Diego went through the Bella Viva to pick up some items, the Rally diners gave him a standing ovation.

In all, 9 people attended this dinner, with one arriving on the 7:05 Caltrain (which came in at 7:15).

Flexible? I should think so!

Join us at future Restaurant Rallies (to be announced) for a relaxed evening where you get to feel virtuous (you are boosting the downtown economy, after all!) meet people and eat well.

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