Art & Wine Stroll – 2013

I Wish I Lived In Gilroy

I Wish I Lived In Gilroy

The weather was beautiful, the band was hot, the wine was flowing, and a few hundred people gathered downtown to taste the wines and enjoy the day. No one made it through sampling even one glass from all 20 wineries that participated in the stroll, but there were many valiant efforts.

The artists were out in force, too. Paintings, sculptures, carvings and other arts and crafts lined the street, with the artists happy to discuss their techniques and their views.

Rally Round Downtown Gilroy set up a triangle of 3 large chalkboards and invited the strollers to tell us

  • Their fondest memories of Downtown Gilroy
  • Their wishes for Downtown Gilroy
  • What they will do to support Downtown Gilroy

We got a lot of comments, some of them sassy, some of them poignant, and most of them supporting a Downtown that will be part of Gilroy’s daily life, an exciting and entertaining destination to be incorporated into our memories.

Below are some samples from the 3 chalk boards.

From the “Fondest Memories” board:

  • I remember bringing my mom shopping right here from the country.
  • I remember driving through downtown in 1968 on the way to Los Angeles and the bucking bronco on the Hall’s store.
  • I remember going to Smedley’s Burgers.
  • I bought my first turtle at Woolworth’s when I was 10 years old.
  • I remember working at Woolworth’s and going to the Strand Theater.
  • I remember visiting where my parents met – Gilroy Bowl.

From the “I Wish” board:

  • I wish for a better place for the Farmers’ Mkt & a bigger Farmers’ Mkt (more attractions, more food).
  • I wish for a Whole Foods (or similar) market.
  • I wish there was a Gilroy Garlic Festival Restaurant & microbrewery.
  • I wish the people in Gilroy would support Downtown!
  • I wish for ice cream.
  • I wish for outdoor cafes/seating/dining [many variations on this theme].
  • I wish we could get all the URM buildings fixed.!!!
  • I wish for a really cool toy store.
  • I wish I lived in Gilroy.

Finally, from the “I Will” board:

  • I will come back to Gilroy w/ my babe.
  • I will dine at Old City Hall.
  • I will drink Gilroy’s wine!!
  • I will shop at Amoretto Boutique.
  • I will spend my ‘eat out’ $ here.
  • I will support local businesses.
  • I will attend Restaurant Rallies.
  • I will go to 5th St Coffee, NOT Starbucks.

Good news for a couple of the “I Wish” people:

  1. The Farmers’ Market HAS found a better location: Starting June 1, the Gilroy Farmers’ Market will be held every Saturday, from 10:00 to 1:00 (hours may be expanded) behind the Gilroy Library. And, there will be more food.
  2. We have ice cream in many wonderful flavors available by the scoop at 5th Street Coffee Roasting Company.

How do you like that? Two wishes granted already!

One last bit of news – the horse beat the skateboard. Oh, you had to be there.

For those of you who did not make it downtown for the wine stroll – better luck next year. Meanwhile, there are a few pictures below of the RRDG chalk boards and some scenes from the day.

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