Support Downtown Gilroy: Take the Pledge

Getting what we want downtown.

Getting what we want downtown. (“I wish this was” at the 2012 Gilroy Wine Stroll)

Ok, don’t worry, we don’t serve Kool-Aid® at Rally Round Downtown Gilroy (RRDG). (But we would, if it got more people downtown.)

Here’s the deal: RRDG is a non-funded, non-profit, all-volunteer organization that wants Downtown Gilroy to be the recognized Heart of Gilroy and a Cool Place to Go.

And, before you ask, yes, we know that there are a few gaps in the shops and services currently offered downtown. We’ve been gathering community input and ideas for a couple of months now, and we’ve heard some pretty great ideas. We’ve saved them, tallied them, and presented the results to a number of key groups who can influence what goes into downtown.

On the other hand, we already have a number of really great shops, restaurants and services downtown. How many of you

  1. Know what stores, restaurants and services we have downtown today?
  2. Go downtown regularly to shop, eat or have fun?
  3. Think, “Try downtown first.”
  4. Know where downtown Gilroy is?

I was hoping I would see more hands raised.

Think about it, we would all go downtown “If only they had _____” (you fill in the blank). But what business person wants to open up in a new location where there is not a lot of foot traffic?

We’re in a catch-22, we want new businesses to attract more people downtown, and the prospective new businesses want more people downtown before they open up.

RRDG isn’t in a position to sign contracts, lease buildings, give tax breaks or bring buildings up to code. What we hope to do is get enough foot traffic downtown that new businesses will be begging for a place to open up.

You can be a part of the solution (here comes the pledge):

Make a commitment to go downtown at least once each week and buy something, eat a meal, go to a barber or hair salon, watch a play, listen to some great live music, buy produce at the Farmers’ Market or do anything else that gives business to one of our downtown independent business people.

Note, we didn’t ask you to spend a LOT of money (go ahead, if you want to). We didn’t ask you to waste your money on something you don’t need or want. By all means, spend your money on something worthwhile! Just try to spend some of it downtown. Check out the other pages in this web site for some ideas of where to go. (Look under the “Find It” menu.)

Then, once you get into a habit of going downtown, talk about this with your friends and neighbors. Invite them to dinner at one of Downtown Gilroy’s fine restaurants. Convince them to take the pledge.

Show those prospective businesses that there are enough people shopping downtown to make a good business thrive.

And let us know what would bring you and your family downtown more often. Become a part of the community that is building our downtown the way we, the people, would like it to be.

John Russell
Rally Rouser
Rally Round Downtown Gilroy

2 thoughts on “Support Downtown Gilroy: Take the Pledge

    • Thank you for your support. I hope people will make the commitment. Better yet, I hope they ask their family, friends and neighbors to make the commitment, too.

      We can make the difference by coming together as a community and working for our downtown.

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