Rally Round Downtown Gilroy

Downtown Gilroy Mural

Bienvenidos a Rally Round Downtown Gilroy

Welcome to Rally Round Downtown Gilroy

Our goal is to turn Downtown Gilroy into a great destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment. We do this by encouraging Gilroy residents and visitors to shop and dine in downtown now, so that more shops and restaurants will open in the future.

Nuestro objectivo es convertir el Centro de Gilroy en la destinación preferida para comer, hacer compras y divertirse. Logramos este objectivo por media de convidar los residentes de Gilroy y los visitantes para comer en los restaurantes y hacer compras en las tiendas que existen hoy, para que tengamos más restaurantes y tiendas en el futuro.

Use the “Find It” pages to locate the shops and restaurants that have what you are looking for.

Las páginas “Find It” se usan para descubrir las tiendas y restaurantes que tienen lo que se busca.

Shop Local – Shop Downtown

¡Haga las compras en tiendas locales!

¡Haga las compras en el Centro!


New Page – Jan 11, 2015:

The Gilroy Burrito Run – 2015


Great Shopping in Downtown Gilroy

We’ve been updating our pages for downtown merchants with images of things we think will catch your interest. We were surprised at where we found some really great stuff – check out Wes’ Shoe Repair, for instance. Another pleasant surprise: Leedo Art and Framing has a collection of autographed sports memorabilia.

To browse by categories, click on this link: Browse Downtown. (Updated 05-Jan-2015)

To visit individual merchants, click on the links below. Most of them have one or more ‘slideshow’ presentations of potential gifts or purchases. (This list will grow as we have time to visit more merchants and add more things.)

Last update: 21 December, 2014
Amoretto Boutique Fashion, furniture, decorations
Ashford’s Heirlooms Antiques, fine jewelry, sports memorabilia
Bike Center Bicycles, skateboards and accessories
Clocks & Collectibles Watches and clocks
Collective Past Antiques, art, vintage clothing, tools, collectibles and more
Garbo’s Antiques & Collectibles Antiques, art, comic books, toys and more
Gilroy Antiques Antiques, art, furniture, fine jewelry, collectibles and more
Gilroy Center for the Arts Shop Fine jewelry, original artworks, decorations.
Gilroy Soccer Everything soccer!
Leedo Art and Framing Original art, prints, sports memorabilia, jewelry, and more
The Mall at Old City Hall Clothing, accessories, toys, candy, CDs, men’s wear, and things Western
The Nimble Thimble & Garlic City Mercantile Sewing supplies, garlic souvenirs
Predator’s Archery Archery equipment, supplies and lessons
Wes’ Shoe Repair Belts, hats, all leather bags


Find What You Are Looking For

To help you find what you need downtown, we’ve prepared a shopping guide. The guide is organized by categories. Click on a category to see the names of the businesses. Click on the name of a business to see the hours it is open and a few ideas to help with your shopping. Go to the “Find It” page to start your search.

On-going Programs:

Restaurant Rallies

Check this out: Restaurant Rally program – get together for dinner downtown with other RRDG supporters! Click here for more infomation.


Check this out! Rally Round Downtown Gilroy’s first ever Pop Up Shops at the 2014 Gilroy Art & Wine Stroll.

Click on the sign to see more.

Click here to see more.

Click here to see more.



Contact us

9 comments on “Rally Round Downtown Gilroy

  1. Good Morning Brilliant People!

    I am eager to get involved with Rally Around Downtown Gilroy. Please contact me to volunteer and or participate. I have always loved downtown Gilroy.

    Nicole Ashby
    [Contact information removed – JR]

    • Hi, Nicole!

      We enjoy your enthusiasm and welcome the volunteer spirit! I’ve replied separately to your email account. I look forward to meeting you and getting you involved promoting downtown Gilroy.

      John Russell
      Rally Rouser

  2. Great Idea! I support you 100% I usually eat at a downtown restraurant every Friday night.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Cat! As a civic leader, your support for downtown Gilroy is important.

      Our job, now, is to spread the word and get more people to follow your example.

      One effective way that individuals can promote downtown is to make a commitment to oneself to visit downtown at least once a week and make a purchase: a meal, bags for your vacuum, clothes for the children or grandchildren, Mexican sweet bread, or whatever. Once you get into the habit, invite a friend or two to go along. Soon you’ll be recognizing faces and making new friends.

      Best regards,

      John Russell
      Rally Rouser

  3. I am very interested and eager to get involved. How do I volunteer?

  4. Thank you Mr. John Russell!

    For your tireless patience…as well as many others- to help form the critical mass, mixed with love, support and dining out dollars that will transform our downtown the beautiful, vibrant place we know it can be!
    Looking forward to the next event…and LOVE having a glass of wine at our new wine bar followed up with an amazing dish–too many to name… from Socrates and Margerita’s kitchen at Garlic City Cafe!

    Kind regards, and BIG thanks!
    Dale Thielges
    *Gilroy Demonstration Garden

  5. PETITION BACKGROUND The city of Gilroy has passed an Ordinance to ban signs, personal wavers, mascots and A frames to advertise their business; with the exemption of New Dealerships and Real Estate. Signs such as these are the only way that small businesses can afford to advertise and it also brings about 70 to 80 percent of business to their location. This is unfair to the local businesses and there should be no exemptions to certain businesses.


  6. I am seeking info regarding Portuguese Festas. If you can send me the calendar of when it is I would appreciate it.
    Thank you

    • Hi, Olinda:

      RRDG doesn’t get notified in advance or we would put it on our calendar. The Festa do Espirito Santo was held in Gilroy about 2 weeks ago. We only heard about it after it was over. *SIGH* If you hear about any future festas in Gilroy, please let us know.

      Boa sorte com as suas pesquisas,

      John Russell
      Rally Rouser

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